Building Use Policies

* We reserve the right to only rent our facility for events that are non-profit and do not dishonor the Lord.
* No smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs are allowed in the church or on church grounds.
* You are responsible for all decorating, tear-down, and gathering of personal items for the church premises. Please move furniture, kitchen items, etc back to their original position and leave the church as you found it when you arrived.
* Those using the church facility must accept full responsibility for any damages to the building, grounds, or equipment during use.
* Audiovisual equipment in the sanctuary may only be operated by a hired sound technician from the church. No audiovisual equipment may be used or moved unless the sound technician is present and has approved such use.
* All music must reflect Christian values even if it is secular in choice.

Decorating guidelines:
1. Tape may be used on the walls. Please only use masking/painters tape, as
other kinds of tape leave a lasting residue.
2. All candles must be enclosed in votives, globes, or hurricanes. Open flame
candles are a fire hazard and are not permitted.
3. No thumb tacks, nails, screws or scotch tape, please. Floral wire is preferred
to secure items.

Kitchen Guidelines:

*The group using the kitchen will be responsible for cleaning at the
completion of the event.
*If there are too many church items in the refrigerator/freezer to
accommodate your event, please let us know so we can possibly move
some to a different fridge/freezer in the church.
*All items used in the kitchen must be washed and replaced in their original
*Counter tops and other surfaces must be wiped down and left ready for the
next function in the kitchen. Please use your own washcloths.