Facility Rental

Rental Process

Our facilities are available to be rented. The first priority goes to our church services and events. The second priority is for ministry events of various kinds. But our facilities can also be rented for personal events if form and payment is submitted and approved (must be in line with our policies and approved by our board). If you are interested in renting the building for a wedding, please visit our Weddings page.


       Personal Events of Those Inside Our Congregation (Regular Attender) 

           Church use, $75

           Sound tech (if needed), $100

           Total = $75 – $175 depending on services needed

      Personal Events of Those Outside Our Congregation (non-regular attender)

           Church Use, $300

           Sound tech (if needed), $150

           Total = $300 – 450 depending on services needed

      Non-Profit Events

           Church Use, $200

           Sound tech (if needed), $150

           Total = $200 – 350 depending on services needed

      Christian Ministry Events

           Church Use fee negotiable

           Sound tech (if needed), $150

            Total = $0 – 150 depending on services needed


           We serve grieving families and do not charge anything for facility usage

To Get Started

First, read our building use policies.
Next, submit to our church office the application so that it may be approved by the church board.
Finally, if approval is met, please submit the above fees plus a $200 deposit check (that will be returned if the facilities are left in as good of condition as started).