River Shores Church was planted by Terrace Shores Evangelical Free Church and for many years they were “one church in two locations.”

In 2007, the worship music pastor at Terrace Shores (Casey Getz) approached the leadership there about the possibility of planting a church together in Berlin.  That same week the President of the School Board in Berlin (Mark Finger) also approached Terrace Shores about that same topic.  Everyone saw it as a sign from God and in 2009, the church opened as a second campus in Berlin.

After renting various buildings in Berlin for many years, River Shores finally moved into the old grocery store at 253 S. Church St in 2015.  Volunteers donated thousands of hours of labor to get the building usable as a church.

Terrace Shores invested in hiring labor as well, and the Grand Opening in the new sanctuary was in November of 2017.  Shortly thereafter, River Shores became self-sustaining, and so they became an independent church January 1, 2019.