Pastor Gary Answers 25 Common Questions about Christianity

Why should I believe the Bible?

Why does God allow so much pain
and suffering in the world?

Is there really a hell, and if so,
how could a good and loving God send people to it?

I feel closer to God out in the
woods or on the lake. I don't need to go to church to be a
Christian, do I?

Doesn't science contradict the
Bible or disprove God?

I've always believed the Bible,
but when I hear someone talk about being "Born Again", it confuses
me. I'm not sure if I have been, or if I need to be. What do you

Since Christianity has so many
different denominations and churches, how do you know which one is
the right one?

It doesn't really matter what I
believe, does it? Just as long as my belief helps me, that's what
matters, right?

Why are Christians so prudish when
it comes to sex? They give the impression it is dirty.

Why should I go to church? The
church is full of hypocrites.

What happens to the people who
have never heard of Jesus?

What's wrong with a couple living
together? Isn't marriage just a piece of paper anyway?

Can I really get to heaven just
by believing that Jesus died for me? Don’t I also have to live a
good life? It doesn’t seem fair that someone can live however they
want, and then just say, “I believe in Jesus” to get to heaven.

I heard someone say that God must
either be limited in His goodness or limited in His power. For if He
were all-good, He would destroy evil, and if He were all powerful,
He could destroy evil. Because this world is so bad, God cannot be
both, all good and all powerful.

Don’t Muslims and Christians
worship the same God basically? Aren’t Jehovah and Allah just
different names for the same God?

Why is Christianity so negative
always talking about sin? Wouldn’t it be much better to be positive
and emphasize the goodness in mankind rather than the negative? 

Don’t you think religion in
general (and Christianity specifically) is just a crutch for
weak-minded people who need to believe in God?

I know I should be reading my
Bible, but I start in Genesis and find I don’t understand much of
it. What do you recommend for a beginner who wants to study God’s

I read from the Old and New
Testament each day, but am amazed at how people in the Old Testament
can see so many miracles, and still be disobedient to God. How can
this be?

Why doesn’t God make it easy for
us to believe in Him by speaking from the clouds or something? Why
doesn’t He just prove Himself to us?

Aren’t all religions basically
the same? Aren’t they all really saying the same thing from
different angles?

How come Christians teach the
Trinity when the Bible never uses that word? 

Can God make a rock so big that
He can’t lift it?

How do you know that God even

If God is the Creator of all
things, where did evil come from? Did God create sin and evil?