Background Check Forms

All volunteers who wish to work with or will be in contact with youth or special needs adults at River Shores church will need to read the child protection policy and fill out the applications below in order to fully abide by church bylaws. We will also email you an invitation to view a 35 minute video from Ministry Mobilizer that will end with 25 questions in order to complete the training. This policy includes children’s ministry workers, worship team members, youth group volunteers, safety team and staff members. NOTE: if you yourself are a minor, you do not need to get a background check. Please fill in the rest of the application and ignore that portion of it.

Please download and read: Child Protection Policy

Please follow this link and fill out for River Shores:

Application for Ministry with Minors or Special Needs Adults

Please follow this link and fill out for Ministry Mobilizer Background Checks (only adults 18 and over):

Once your background check clears, keep an eye out for an email from Ministry Mobilizer containing the link to the 35 minute Child Safety Training video with quiz afterwards. Once you have completed all of these items you will be able to volunteer in our ministries.